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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do the portrait sessions take place?
A: All Cool Pets portrait sessions are done on location - either at your home, a favorite park, or the place where you and your pet will be most comfortable.

Q: What if my pet doesn't cooperate?
A: There are no rules during Cool Pets sessions. Your pet does not have to do anything during the sitting except be himself. Please don't worry that your pet may not sit still or cooperate. Susan strives to capture the essence of each of her subjects and show the personality you love so dearly.

Q: How long does a session last?
A: Please allow at least an hour for your session - possibly a bit longer. When Susan arrives she will spend some time to get acquainted with your pet. Dogs always enjoying sniffing her camera bag and getting to know just how many other animals Susan has photographed! Patience is a virtue and Susan has plenty of it. Not only does she love photographing animals, but she loves getting to know them, enjoying their silliness, and encouraging their antics. Nothing is rushed, and there are no expectations.

Q: Do you shoot digital or film?
A:Susan uses black and white film for all of her sittings. She feels there is nothing better than the look of true black and white film; and using it, she is able to capture depth, detail and a classic look that truly compliments each and every subject.

Q:Can I be in the photographs with my pet?
A:Certainly! Susan encourages it! As a former wedding and portrait photographer of 17 years, Susan loves photographing people as well as pets. So, please feel free to be a part of the session. You, your significant other, even your family are all welcome!

Real moments with extraordinary pets and their people.
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