Cool Pets

What do you say about a dog like Diesel? His presence filled a room and inspired awe. Diesel was the strong silent type who never overstepped his bounds. He was quietly cool. Simply put, Diesel had charisma; the kind of charisma you might find in the likes of Clark Gable or Humphrey Bogart. He was just that cool.

Loved by Julie and Andrew McKeever, his owners of 9 years, Diesel was their companion, protector and ruler of the household. They adopted him when he was 4. Bringing home a big 4 year old Rottie can be a little daunting and Julie was apprehensive at first. But within minutes, Diesel's infectious charm and love took hold. And over the next 9 years, their bond grew - as did the McKeever family. Diesel shared his home with 4 other dogs, 4 cats and a new baby boy. But he was always the king, quietly overseeing the day to day life in the McKeever household. Julie and Andrew respected Diesel for everything he was, and Diesel gave that same respect right back.

On the morning of August 6 Diesel passed away. He had lived an incredible life and it was time for him to go.

Diesel left quite an impression on anyone he met, and I am very honored to have been someone he impressed.

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