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About Susan Dodd

Ever since I can remember, I have loved animals. While I was growing up, our house was never without some type of furry companion, usually more than one. A beloved weimerauner, incredible cats, a parakeet, a guinea pig who lived well beyond her life expectancy, and a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred gelding have all been a large part of my existence. I knew I would never be without animals in my life.

Also, growing up, I discovered that I could pick up a camera, and capture my friends with film... not just "pictures" of my friends, but images that spoke to me as if my friend was standing right there.

After earning my degree from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, where I met my husband; he and I began our photographic journey. For 17 years we worked as a successful wedding and portrait photography team. Then, my journey came full circle when I began my Cool Pets business, where I am able to combine the three things I love most in life... animals, people and photography.

Through my lens, I capture the outer beauty of my subjects, but my greatest reward and passion is to reveal their inner beauty as well.

Today, my family still consists of the things I love most; my wonderful husband, two incredible daughters, two happy labs, and two amazing oriental shorthair cats.

Real moments with extraordinary pets and their people.
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